Free Quilling Patterns

What better way of learning how to quill than with some free quilling patterns?

Throughout the quilling section of my site you will find ideas and patterns for quilling.

This page will act as an index to help you find them. Each pattern will introduce new skills and quilling techniques and help you build your knowledge of the craft.

star craft

Simple quilling patterns

Great for beginners!

Paper quilling a tortoise - an easy pattern that uses simple shapes and can be completed as a handmade birthday card.

Quilled baby card - baby footprints decorate a sweet card for a new baby.

Quilled flowers for a feminine greeting card. Two simple flowers are used on this card along with a folded paper rose.

Free patterns for Christmas

Christmas angel and wreath - two cards for Christmas. The wreath uses gold edged paper while the angel is worked in pastel shades.

More quilling freebies

As I add more designs to the site they will join those in the list above. Why not bookmark this page and come back often to see what's new? Even better, why not click on the RSS feed button under the navigation bar to be informed every time a new page is added to the site. You don't even need to give me your email address!

What is quilling?

An introduction to the craft of quilling.

Quilling instructions

quilling-instructions (5K)

The place to start to learn how to quill.

How to make envelopes...

to protect your quilled cards.