Coloring Book Art

by Jeanette Phillips

Adult Coloring Book Birds in Basket Picture

Adult Coloring Book Birds in Basket Picture

I was off from work in 2010 due to possible surgery. I was looking for an arts and crafts project. I bought coloring books for my granddaughter; who was 9 at the time.

I decided to buy myself some coloring books and then thought about what could I do different with them.

While flipping through the pages, I decided that I wanted to do something to make the coloring book come to life. I decided to add hair, material, studs and any other material handy to glue on to my pictures.

I put the finish product into a picture frame and had beautiful results.

My characters look lifelike, including the background that they were in or placed on after I cut them out of the coloring book and glued them on to a different background (before putting them in a frame).

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