Jaclynn of All Trades

Hi! I'm Jaclynn of All Trades, or Jaclynn for short. I've been immersed in all things creative since I could crawl out of my crib and fetch a piece of paper and a crayon myself. 

I have found that there is hardly a person who does not appreciate art and the works of artisans.  I am one of the masses. 

Writing, drawing, painting, baking, sewing, crocheting and wood burning onto leather (my new discovery) are a few of the ways I love to bring my creativity to life. Combining mediums is perhaps one of my favourite things to do.  I'm also in love with saving a buck by making my own wooden buttons or up-cycling used clothes and even making my own journals. People are always asking if they can buy what I've made.

I'm in love with time management so most of my projects are simple.  I have succumbed to my nickname "Jaclynn of all Trades".  The "all" part is, I admit, a bit extreme.  But, because there seems to be no end to my curiosity, there is no other word to replace the word, "all". 

I am a visionary and give away, wear, and use most of the things I make. Sharing my passion with others is something I have always aspired to do in an organized fashion, but somehow sitting down and writing out instructions for my custom patterns isn't as exciting as designing another unique craft.  Besides, some things just cannot be replicated as they are originals. 

Me and My Sis

Enter my sister-in-law, or "sis" for short. She's determined that this year will be the year I get my ideas before more eyes. She's also come up with a plan to inspire a desire to get my patterns onto paper. I love that she's optimistic about that. That leaves me to do my crafts. Seriously, though, she's crafty enough herself to transform my ideas to usable patterns. Thanks sis!

Anyway, it is my hope to use this platform to inspire you to embark on your own crafting adventures. 

"For me to stop crafting is to stop living."

Oh, one last thing. Once you jump on the crafting bandwagon, for pity's sake, by all means, absolutely 100% make sure you become your own art canvas.  Wear what you make proudly... except for maybe the rustic picture frame, or the leather book cover, or the teddy bear buns, or, or...

Ready? Let's get crafting!

My Craft Ideas

Stay tuned. More will be posted soon.