Craft Beautiful Handmade Gifts with Birthstones

Birthstones are gems linked to certain months of the year. They are thought by some, to be lucky for the people born in those months. This makes them very popular as birthday gifts especially when worn as jewellery.

You may want to buy or make someone a gift that reflects their birth month. A lovely way to personalise your giving. Further down this page is list I hope you will find helpful. I have put this together from my own research but you may come across different lists!

The tradition is thought to have originated from biblical times and a breastplate worn by Aaron, brother of Moses, which had stones to represent the twelve tribes of Israel.

In past times a birthstone would have been worn by everyone for each month. This was, and still is, believed to be the best way to get their full effect.

The stones can be grouped into Modern and Traditional.

Traditional Birthstones

Ancient traditional birthstones are: Hebrew, Roman, Arabic and Hindu.

JANUARY is Garnet for Hebrew, Roman and Arabic. Ruby for Hindu.

FEBRUARY is Amethyst for Hebrew, Roman and Arabic. Topaz for Hindu.

MARCH is Bloodstone for Hebrew, Roman and Arabic. Opal for Hindu.

APRIL is Sapphire for Hebrew, Roman and Arabic. Diamond for Hindu.

MAY is Agate for Hebrew and Roman. Emerald for Arabic and Hindu.

JUNE is Emerald for Hebrew and Roman. Agate for Arabic and Pearl for Hindu.

JULY is Onyx for Hebrew and Roman. Carnelian for Arabic. Sapphire for Hindu.

AUGUST is Carnelian for Hebrew and Roman. Sardonyx for Arabic. Ruby for Hindu.

SEPTEMBER is Peridot for Hebrew, Roman and Arabic. Zircon for Hindu.

OCTOBER is Aquamarine for Hebrew, Roman and Arabic. Coral for Hindu.

NOVEMBER is Yellow Topaz for Hebrew, Roman and Arabic. Cats Eye for Hindu.

DECEMBER is Ruby for Hebrew, Roman and Arabic. Topaz for Hindu.

Modern Birthstones

JANUARY - Garnet

FEBRUARY - Amethyst

MARCH - Aquamarine, Bloodstone

APRIL - Diamond

MAY - Emerald

JUNE - Pearl, Moonstone

JULY - Ruby

AUGUST - Peridot

SEPTEMBER - Sapphire

OCTOBER - Opal, Tourmaline

NOVEMBER - Yellow Topaz, Citrine

DECEMBER - Turquoise, Blue Topaz

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