Glass Beads for Jewelry

Glass beads for jewelry come from all over the world. They are a valuable addition to any collection.

The cost does vary as many of them are made by specialist bead makers from countries with a long history. For example, Murano glass beads, to be genuine, HAVE to be made on the Italian island which gives them their name.

Striking colours and patterns are a feature of Murano glass beads for jewelry and they often have silver or gold foil on the surface or as a lining.

In the 14th Century the crafts people moved from Venice to this island to protect their art. Glass is still made in Venice but the products produced are known as venetian glass beads not Murano.

glass beads for jewelry making

If your beads are not Murano they could well be Foiled. They have a nice finish with a layer of metallic foil, lining or coating the bead.

Dichroic is another type of glass bead for jewelry making.The term means "two colours" and this is achieved by adding a thin layer of another colour in a special coating. This glass has a mirror finish and is done in such a way that, as it reflects the light, the two colours can be seen changing. A stunning effect! This lovely glass can be found in bead shapes but is especially popular for making pendants. This is because the bigger the piece, the better it's qualities can be seen and appreciated.

Czech glass has been around for many years. Traditional methods are still used but it is a very affordable type. Plenty of different shapes are supplied.

fancy-lampwork-bead (7K) Fancy lampwork beads are made individually from glass rods melted in a flame. A coated, steel rod is used as a base to wind the glass onto, and forms the central hole. Intricate designs can be created using different colours of glass and foils. Once finished the beads are annealed, or slowly cooled, in a kiln to prevent stress in the glass.

Some semi precious stones can look like glass in the finished form. A good example of this is the quartz stone. It is important to remember that precious stones are formed naturally whereas glass is man made.

Crystal and cut glass are also similar. Some crystal is formed from minerals and others are made from glass, with the addition of lead.

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