Paper Quilling Photo Frame

by Prajakta Thanekar
(Pune, India)

Paper Quilling Photo Frame

Paper Quilling Photo Frame

I made this paper quilling photo frame for my friend's birthday. I actually wanted to give her a birthday card, but then I came up with this idea for a photo frame instead.

With this photo frame, she can add a picture of herself and hang it in her room.

This quilling gift is really simple to make.

Paper Quilling Photo Frame Instructions

  • Take a piece of card paper and fold it in half.

  • Seal 3 sides of the paper, leaving one side open to insert a photo.

  • Approximately mark the size of the photo on one side of the card. Make sure that you mark a smaller rectangle (or any other shape), a little less than the photo size.

  • Now cut along the drawn boundaries so that the inside of the card is revealed.

  • Add a bow or a ribbon on the top of the frame so, that it can be hanged.

  • You can decorate the corners of the frame as per your choice.

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