Crayon Crafts

assorted crayons

Crayon crafts are great fun for children. In addition to using them for simple colouring book pictures here are more adventurous, but simple ideas.

Scraffito Crayon Crafts

Scraffito is a term borrowed from pottery, where a sharp implement is used to scratch a pattern into wet clay. We are going to use wax crayons instead.

kids crayon color

Ask the child to scribble with all the different coloured crayons in the box, apart from the black, over a small piece of paper. Make sure that all the surface is covered with thick crayon colouring. It doesn't matter which colour they use where, as long as they have fun. They are not trying to draw anything in particular at this point, just cover the paper with the wax.

black layer of crayon When the area is covered, with no white spaces, it is time to use the black crayon. Now they need to lay down a thick layer of black all over their coloured crayon. A chubby crayon is best for this bit, as the thin sticks can break due to the pressure used. The whole coloured layer needs covering with black so the colours no longer show.

text scratched in crayon

Now comes the fun part. Take a coin, or spoon handle and "scratch" into the top black layer to reveal the colours underneath. The child can scribble a pattern or, if they are a little older, draw a picture. The scraping will reveal a multicoloured picture showing through the black surface layer. Children like the surprise of seeing what colour will appear.

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