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Decorate a Gym Bag and Create a Cute Travel Carry On

How to decorate a gym bag to use as a unique and pretty travel carry on.

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Homemade Scarf Made with Recycled Fabric

Instructions on how to make a homemade scarf by recycling a thrift store dress. Give old clothes new life and exercise your creativity.

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Handmade Crocheted Curtains Pattern

Pattern for making pretty handmade crocheted curtains with a valance. Includes photos.

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About Jaclynn of All Trades

Meet Jaclynn of All Trades and learn how to make her creative and unique crafts yourself.

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Coloring Book Art

I was off from work in 2010 due to possible surgery. I was looking for an arts and crafts project. I bought coloring books for my granddaughter; who was

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Bread Art Jewelry

Years ago I took a class in McAllen Texas at a retirement center that used bread ...just regular white bread and other things mixed with it. They rolled

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Handmade Flower Baskets

Editor's Notes: No instructions were provided for creating these beautiful handmade flower baskets. If anyone knows how they were made and can provide

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How to Make Beer Candles

How to Make Beer Candles You can make foamy beer candles which look exactly like beer. These candles are easy and fun to make. To make beer candles,

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3D Origami Gift Basket

I was always very fond of arts and crafts in school, but never got the chance to practice it until recently. I learned this 3D origami art form from a

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The Bucket List Wall Decoration

Everyone has a bucket list. Here is a fun way to display your list and accomplishments. My roommate and I came up with this idea and we each made one

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