Jewellery Tools

woman making jewelry Start jewelry making with a set of basic jewellery tools and add extras as you need them. What tools you'll need will depend on what kind of jewelery you plan to make.

For making pendants, beaded necklaces, bracelets, and wired earrings, you will almost certainly need some round nosed pliers, some good multi-purpose jewellery tools, and a pair of snips or cutters for trimming.

You can buy good starter packs that include pliers and cutters. Keep in mind that and brass faced pliers will be non-marking.

A set of clamps a good idea to add to your jewellery tools as without them you will tend to drop stuff everywhere! Yes I am speaking from experience! The times my poor husband has scrabbled round on the floor picking up beads. A good quality adhesive is another essential. Glue guns are fine but i find them tricky for small details.

If you are wanting to make more complex items your jewellery tools will need to be more specialized.

For mounting stones,crystals and such you will need a special cement. You may be working with metals and require a soldering kit. Some stones and gems come in their natural state needing cutting,grinding and polishing before you use them.

I buy gemstone slices for pendant making but I can't always get them pre-drilled. A great tool I have found is a plastic drill vice which will hold a stone for drilling without causing any damage. Please note that you will need a jewellery or diamond drill bit for doing this.

What about a magnifying glass so you can see what you are doing,one on a stand to leave you hands free!

I couldn't work without tweezers and also consider a set of files.

This is a simple list just to guide you,i am not by any means an authority on this subject!