Homemade Duct Tape Flower Pen

by Leta
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

A Duct Tape Flower Pen I Made

A Duct Tape Flower Pen I Made

It's very easy to make a Duct Tape flower pen. Try to make yours look like my sample above.

How to Make a Duct Tape Flower Pen

  • 1. Take 1" of Duct Tape.

  • 2. Fold from corner to corner but leave some sticky stuff.

  • 3. Fold it again from one of the corners to the other corner so you get a triangle.

  • 4. Place the triangle on the pen with the tip up and the sticky on the pen.

  • 5. Keep doing that but put each petal in a different place so it doesn't match up with one another.

  • 6. When you are done with all the petals you are going to take a 2" piece of duct tape and put it underneath the petals.

There, you now have your own Duct Tape Flower Pen! I hope you enjoy it!


What a great craft! Thanks so much for sharing. I love this. : )

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Apr 04, 2012
by: Fabina 4Ever

Thanks for the instructions. Love them. A little confusing though.

Oct 13, 2011
by: Annie

I love to make duct tape flowers. Thanks for sharing this duct tape flower pen idea.

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