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Creatively Crafty, Issue #003 Summer Offers
June 01, 2007

Welcome to the June edition of Creatively Crafty. Summer Time and the living is easy! Longer days means more time for relaxing and crafting! At Handmade Craft Ideas you can find just what you need to help you! Summer is the perfect opportunity to show off gorgeous jewellery now you can finally get rid of those bulky clothes. Try making your own with an easy jewellery kit or buy a piece ready made from Blue Cloud Designs. There are some perfect colours for summer with beautiful Teal blues and Turquoise and pretty,delicate Amethyst and Lilacs.

Now that the Crafters section is up and running it's great to read and share your stories,ideas and tips. I hope you are enjoying reading them. Please feel free to send contibutions about YOUR craft. Tips,ideas and why you love it.I will be offering a monthly prize for the best, starting in July! So get writing!

Remember to keep an eye on the Clearance pages where you can find bargains in Jewellery and Greeting Cards.

The Blue Cloud Range is very high quality at excellent prices for goods Handmade in the UK. Cards are made from high grade cardstock and embellishments. Include a co-ordinating envelope all sealed in a poly bag. For my jewellery i only use semi precious stones,crystal,glass and shell. Candles and glass gifts are out sourced but still best quality handcrafted in the UK.

Your feedback is appreciated and i hope you will enjoy the information and shopping provided by Handmade Craft Ideas.

As a Thankyou for subscribing i would like to send you a free gift. Please forward your details so i can do this. Many of you have still not claimed!

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Creatively Crafty,if you did and you like the website please recommend it to your friends.

Best Wishes,Gill.

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